Veterinary Clinics

Veterinary ClinicVet clinics typically require a heavy–duty washer capable of handling a variety of items, including blankets, bedding, towels, mop heads and rags. A washer with high–speed extract and programmability are critical to a consistent clean and improved productivity. Soiled and contaminated laundry shouldn't pile up in vet clinics for fear of disease growth and cross contamination. That's why finding the right equipment is critical.

Highly Programmable

Vet clinics need washers that can prevent cross contamination from dirty laundry. Our highly programmable washer–extractors, with automatic chemical injection, ensure surgical linens and towels, as well as bedding, are thoroughly cleaned each and every wash. Our Continental E–Series Washers properly clean soiled blankets, towels and bedding in less time. In just 60 minutes or less, a load is washed and dried.

Durable and proven effective, Advantage Equipment commercial washers are efficient and backed by leading manufacturer warranties.

E–Series Washers & Dryers

Continental E–Series Washers offer a simple–to–install, freestanding design and extract speeds reaching 387 G–force. Highly efficient, E–Series Washers remove significantly more water from every load when compared with traditional hard–mount washers. In turn, E–Series Washers cut resulting dry time by up to 50 percent. This means your vet clinic completes more laundry loads per day. E–Series Washers can be stacked with E–Series Dryers to make the most of available space.