Coin Laundry New Store Design

It isn't easy to develop a profitable, efficient and attractive coin- or card-operated laundry. That's why investors often turn to Advantage Equipment for assistance. We are experienced developers of successful self-service laundries, equipped with energy-efficient equipment and specialized services designed to attract a wide array of customers.

Store Development Services

We partner with our customers in every endeavor of self-service laundry development – assisting them with site selection, demographic studies, equipment selection and installation, ancillary item selection, projections of income and expenses, financing options, laundry design and layout, and ongoing technical services. At Advantage Equipment, we work hard to help our clients develop highly profitable, successful businesses. We can assist you in new store design or existing store redesign.

Profitability & Uniqueness

Through careful differentiation of your new coin- or card-operated laundry, you can attract non-traditional customers as well as traditional self-service customers—adding to profitability. Simultaneously, through careful selection of equipment, laundries can cut utility usage, improve customer turnover and boost revenue. At Advantage, our laundry development experts understand how to help you optimize your store for maximum revenue and profits.

Ways to Differentiate your Coin Laundry

Why invest in an Express Laundry Center™?

A Proven Concept

The Express Laundry Center™ brand is a proven vended laundry concept encompassing Continental ExpressWash™ high–speed washer–extractors, lower utility costs, support services including marketing and training, and a customer–craved 60–minute wash and dry. Check out the Express Laundry Center brochure!

Like a Franchise without the Fees

An Express Laundry Center is similar to a franchise, but has no franchise fees, red tape or restrictions. It's simply a proven brand and concept that helps differentiate your vended laundry from your competitors' vended laundries. Additionally, they are equipped and designed for more profit potential!

ExpressWash Washers & ExpressDry Dryers

Outfitted with a mix of ExpressWash and ExpressDry equipment, Express Laundry Centers use considerably less water, energy and natural gas than most other laundries. ExpressWash Washers, which are freestanding and available in multiple capacities, use less water and energy when compared to traditional hard–mount washers. They also reach considerably higher extract speeds, and in doing so, remove more water from every load. In turn, loads take up to 50 percent less time to dry. Owners save utility costs – including natural gas to run the dryers – and boost profit potential. Customers enjoy a 60-minute wash and dry!

60-minute Wash and Dry

Thanks to ExpressWash Washers, which produce exceptional extract speeds, it takes less time for customers to complete laundry. That 60–minute wash/dry promise will attract and retain customers! It will also make your vended laundry unique among its competitors!

Improved Customer Turnover

At Express Laundry Centers, customers complete laundry sooner. This boost in customer turnover directly and positively impacts revenue and profit.

Unique Store Services

Express Laundry Centers often provide Drop & Shop and Load & Leave services, along with additional amenities for greater customer appeal. Express Laundry Centers give storeowners the means to tap into the huge market of non–traditional customers – helping bolster revenue.

Marketing Services

Express Laundry Centers benefit from ongoing access to professional marketing, advertising and public relations services. Marketing services include:

  • • Store signage/point of purchase
  • • Direct mailers/door hangers
  • • Advertisements
  • • Laundry bags/aprons/shirts
  • • Press releases
  • • Website design & Social Media

Add an ExpressLane™

Add an ExpressLane™ Expand your store's appeal and marketability by adding an ExpressLane of high-speed Continental laundry equipment. Whether you are remodeling, replacing old equipment, or building a new coin laundry, by adding an ExpressLane, you will save gas, water and electrical costs, and provide a 60-minute wash and dry for customers. The ExpressLane package also includes marketing support to help you get the word out about your store’s new ExpressLane!


Whether it's drop-off drycleaning, wash-dry-fold or delivery services, vended laundries maximize their client base and profits by carefully incorporating added services. While self-service customers remain the cornerstone of business, stores with added services also cater to working professionals, large families and singles.

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