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Card Systems Card Concepts manufactures and develops automated systems for the self service laundry industry. LaundryCard™ was developed to act as a backbone to the Totally Automated Store (TAS) concept. LaundryCard is a coin replacement system for Coin-Op Laundromats. In a LaundryCard store all of the laundry equipment is outfitted with card readers and kiosks (called X-Changers) are installed that dispense 'debit cards' that customers can add value to and start machines. The system maintains the customers card balance and allows them to revalue their card with either cash or a credit card.

Card ConceptsBenefits

  • • Vend prices can easily be adjusted in increments as small as a penny
  • • It's a complete management system tracking every aspect of the Laundromat business – from employee hours to equipment service tracking.
  • • Storeowners can manage their store from any Internet connected PC.
  • • All of our technologies are designed to be easy to use, easy to implement, and easy to support.

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