Spas, Salons & Health Clubs

Lifeworks LogoBy quickly cleaning soiled towels, robes and sheets, spas, health clubs and salons help ensure a clean, relaxing and healthy environment. Machine sizing is critical to ensure the laundry equipment's ability to take on required laundry poundage. Moreover, high–speed extract and programmability are important to improving production and ease of use.

Designed for the rigors of constant use, our commercial washers and dryers perfectly suit salons and spas. Soft–mount washers are simple to install — sliding into place without bolts or reinforced concrete. Thus, they can be installed anywhere there is extra space. Additionally, E–Series Washers and matching Dryers, which can be stacked when space is at a premium, are reliable backed by leading warranties!

LifeCenter Plus LogoImagine completing a full load of towels in 60 minutes or less! With our Continental E–Series Washers and complementing dryers, you can!