Sports Laundry Equipment

Sports Laundry Washer ExtractorWasher Extractor

The washer-extractors in the Sports Laundry System are available in a variety of capacities to meet specific needs of each athletic department. No matter the size, all the washer-extractors are sure to clean your athlete's gear quickly and efficiently. With many features, such as programmability, the washer-extractor can reach extract speeds of up to 381 G-force!

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Sports Laundry Disinfection TowerOzone Disinfection Tower

Ozone is a safe, yet powerful cleaning agent that works in mostly cool water. Designed to operation 24 hours a day, the ozone disinfection tower is CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Protection) approved, cutting through virtually any soils and odors. Let our team at Advantage show you more of what this patented injection technology has to offer!

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Sports Laundry Disinfection UnitOzone Disinfection Unit

Designed to operate up to 12 hours per day, the Ozone Disinfection Unit is sized to meet the specific needs of athletic laundries, all while working to keep athletes healthy. The compact size of this wall-mounted unit has many of the capabilities of the disinfection tower. Contact Advantage today to learn how we can work to keeping your athletic department healthy and safe.

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Sports Laundry Drying TumblerHigh-Performance Drying Tumbler

The Sports Laundry System's Drying-Tumbler is the perfect match for finishing off the cleaning & disinfecting process. Sized to fit any athletic laundry's needs, the drying-tumbler offers a number of features, simplifying the job for any operator. Programmable cycle types, time dry & moisture sensors are just a few of the many features the Sports Laundry Drying Tumbler offers.

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