On-Premise Washer-Extractors

Advantage Equipment proudly offers Continental Girbau and LG on-premise laundry equipment—washer-extractors, drying tumblers and finishing systems. Our washer-extractors bring the ultimate in energy-efficiency, durability, programmability and performance to on-premise industrial laundries. Our Continental Girbau products are backed by an industry leading 3/5-year limited factory warranty.

Continental E-Series High-Performance Washer-Extractors:

20-, 30-, 40-, 55-, 90-, 130- and 255-pound capacities

OPL E-Series Designed to drive down gas, water and electrical costs while improving productivity, Continental E-Series Washers deliver high-speed extract and are easy to install soft-mount design. They offer unmatched durability and superior programmability. The soft-mount design enables these commercial washers to reach extract speeds of up to 387 G-force–slashing dry time and resulting gas consumption. They are constructed using a multi-directional springs systems, which absorbs 95 percent of all vibrations during the wash process. Therefore, E-Series commercial washers can be easily installed and moved at any time without bolts or concrete foundations.

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Continental REM-Series High-Performance Washer-Extractors:

25-pound capacities

OPL REM-Series Generating extract speeds up to 108 G-force, the REM-Series removes more water from each load, reducing dry time, and cutting gas consumption. Designed with efficiency in mind, the smaller footprint design is approximately 25-percent smaller compared to similar washer-extractor, which allows for more machines in less space. The innovative technology allows the REM-Series to properly clean a vairety of fabrics, from silk to linen to denim all while saving on water consumption and utility costs.

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G-Flex Hard-Mount Commercial Washer-Extractors:

33-, 40-, 55- and 70-pound capacities

OPL MG-SeriesContinental's G-Flex hard-mount is a perfect for most any on-premise laundry environment. Extracting programmable speeds reaching 200 G-force, the G-Flex removes more moisture from each load, which in turn cuts dry time and increases productivity.

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Continental L-Series Hard-Mount Washer-Extractors:

75- and 125-pound capacities

OPL L-Series These durable, proven washer-extractors bring energy-efficiency, ease-of-use and programmability to on-premise commercial laundries. Designed to withstand the rigors of constant use, L-Series washer-extractors' front, top and side panels are AISI-304 stainless steel to resist corrosion and enhance longevity, as are the washer's inner and outer drums. The advanced drive systems offers optimum wash performance and heightened energy efficiency.

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Continental Continental Econ-O-Wash Top-load Washer:

Singleload capacity

Continental Econ-O-Wash Ideal for small load applications, the Econ-O-Wash topload washer provides affordable efficiency. Unlike most home-style topload washers, which guzzle around 30-40 gallons of water per load, the Econ-O-Wash is engineered with a water saving feature that uses just 23.7 gallons per load. It features a durable porcelain enamel washtub, a scratch-resistant, hard-baked porcelain enamel top and lid, a heavy-duty, two-speed motor and a corrosion-resistant polypropylene pump—all wrapped up in a rugged galvanized steel cabinet.

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LG High-Efficiency Front-Load Platinum Washer:

Singleload capacity

LG Front Load WasherDifferent on-premise laundries have different needs, but their bottom line is the same–increase productivity while reducing utility costs. The LG washer does just that, only using 11.2 gallons of water per load.

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