On-Premise Laundry Equipment

Critical to highly productive on-premise commercial and industrial laundries are proper equipment mix, machine programming, workflow, laundry design, labor and load-type. At Advantage Equipment, we know how to improve laundry productivity while reducing utilities and labor—helping our customers accomplish more, using less.

OPL EquipmentIn doing so, we represent the highest quality commercial laundry equipment and assist clients in creating productive and efficient on-premise laundries by providing laundry layout specifications, equipment options and ancillary products to meet specific needs.

For preexisting on-premise commercial laundry facilities, we provide laundry equipment with improved washability, cost-effective options for utilities and ancillary items, expertise in proper chemical usage and top-notch service.

View the links below for detailed equipment information and images:
Washer-Extractors Drying Tumblers Ironers
Water heaters Hampers & Carts Lint Collectors