Linens, sheets, towels, napkins, and tablecloths make up the thrust of hotel laundry. That's why Advantage helps hotels and motels do more laundry in less time, using less labor, gas, water and electricity. Not only do our commercial washers deliver consistent clean, they remove more water from a load than traditional washers – cutting resulting dry time by up to 50 percent.

Boost Productivity & Reduce Linen Wear

Is your facility constantly replacing worn out sheets and linens? Is your laundry consuming too much time and money? By equipping your on–premise laundry with high–speed washer–extractors, your laundry operation will slash utility and labor costs, and ensure a crisp, five–star finish. Our Continental E–Series Washers reach more than 300 G–force extract speeds–doubling that of most other front–load washers. Thus, they cut dry time by as much as 50 percent! A shorter dry time also reduces wear and tear on linens and sheets. The automatic chemical injection process also eliminates the need to manually add chemicals and cuts down on human error, overuse and the price of detergent.

Superior Programmability

Highly programmable, Advantage Equipment's commercial washer–extractors offer hotels and resorts the ability to perfectly wash nearly any item type. Users simply enter a program number, load the washer and press start.

Highest Quality Finish

Because a high–quality finish is essential for hospitality linens, sheets, tablecloths and pillowcases are fed straight from the high–speed washers directly into Continental flatwork ironers without dryer conditioning. With high–speed machines from Advantage Equipment, hotels boost productivity, and simultaneously, lower labor and utility costs! More and more hotels are embracing a “green” approach to business and to their marketing. Discover how Advantage can help you save money in the laundry and meet environmental goals.

Dryers with Moisture Sensing

Many Continental dryers feature the Linen Life Extension (LLE) moisture sensing system. The dryers use a sensor inside the load to monitor dryness levels. Once the programmed level of dryness is reached, LLE shuts the dryer off. Dry goods experience less wear and up to 31 percent less fiber loss because loads aren’t over–dried. Anytime linens and towels last longer, inventory costs are reduced. Many models of Continental dryers also feature a fire extinguishing system, which is especially useful when loads go unattended.