Fire Departments

Soiled firefighter gear is unsafe – exposing firefighters to chemicals, biological agents and particulate matter. Experts agree a highly programmable washer-extractor is a must for proper cleaning of high-tech turnout gear. Units are programmed to protect the gear manufactures warranties and meet NFPA guidelines, while remaining simple to use. Wash programs are developed for high/heavy contaminate exposure, structure fire, surface soils, apparatus towels and bed linens as well as site-specific laundry needs.

Perfect Solutions for the Fire Industry

Fire chemicalsLaundry San

Laundry San is used by fire departments as a laundry sanitizer. It’s automatically injected into the washer and effectively sanitizes protective gear. It reduces bacteria counts by 99.9%, kills HIV-1 and helps eliminate blood-borne pathogens. EPA Registered. Meets NFPA 1851 7.3.7 Guidelines.


A laundry detergent designed for the laundering of turnout gear. A detergent with builders and designed for use in hard water and heavy soil conditions. TURNOUT has a pH of 9.5. NFPA 1851 7.3.7 Guidelines.

V-Line Pump

Rely on our chemical injection pumps to properly disseminate detergents into your washer in exactly the right quantities and at the correct time during the wash cycle. The pumps work seamlessly on machines with trigger signals and on machines without them. It ensures consistency in how your gear is washed – no matter who is doing the laundry.

Continental E-Series WasherContinental Girbau ExpressWash Washer-Extractors

Available in 20- to 255-pound capacities

  • • Offer superior programmability—including water temperatures and extract speed—for flexibility based on changing gear washing recommendations
  • • Allow for bolt free installation
  • • Feature automatic detergent injection—eliminating risk of fabric damage by improper chemical overuse
  • • Use up to 57% less water than top-load washers
  • • Are available in 20- to 255-pound capacities
Small Capacity Brochure Large Capacity Brochure

COntinental Gear DryerContinental Girbau ExpressDry Gear Dryers

Holds up to 4 to 6 sets of gear

  • • Safely & quickly dry all gear components—turnout gear, helmets, gloves, boots, face masks & SCBAs
  • • Are equipped with casters for ease of movement
  • • Are available in 4- & 6-place units
  • • Run on a 110-volt power supply
  • • Operate using ambient air—conforming to manufacturer dryer recommendations and NFPA 1851
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ADC Drying CabinetADC Cabinet Dryer

Holds up to 5 sets of gear

  • • Red or white cabinet
  • • 5 removable coat and pants hangers
  • • Self-diagnostic microprocessor control
  • • Two independent heating and fan systems
  • • Directed Airflow
  • • Solid construction
  • • Drainage basin
  • • Optional features: stainless steel cabinet, glove hanger, boot hanger, adjustable single shelf
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Ram Air Gear DryerRam Air Gear Dryers

Holds up to 4 to 6 sets of gear

  • • Powder coated paint with 12 gauge steel
  • • Steel stickmen with powder coat paint for hanging fire fighter personal protective equipment with 2“ shut off valves
  • • High volume & high pressure system
  • • Enclosed motor with noise reduction package
  • • 360 degree swivel casters on the base
  • • Removable motor and fan with 360 degree swivel casters with easy quick connect attachment to dryer
  • • Motor and Fan with 4“ or 6“ hose barb attachment for drying pumper truck
  • • 12 or 18 accessory drying ports with valves for gloves, helmets, balaclavas (dependent upon model)