Correctional Facilities

Tons of inmate clothing, blankets, sheets and towels are powered through correctional facility on–premise laundries every day, adding up to millions of pounds per year. With inmates running the laundry equipment, safety and ease of use are essential. With automatic chemical dosing and programmable controls, the process is safe, easy and can readily be standardized from unit to unit.

Simple to Use and Maintain

Continental laundry equipment uses fewer moving parts and incorporates a simpler design, resulting in an easier job for prison maintenance. More laundry is completed in less time, using less labor, gas, water and electricity. Correctional facilities have numerous laundry concerns, including inmate safety, inventory, fabric longevity and productivity. Our Continental commercial laundry equipment is gentle on blankets and sheets; programmable to handle a variety of items, including inmates' personals and rugged mop heads; and is equipped to handle hundreds of pounds of incoming laundry each day in half the time of the average commercial machines. Since inmates often operate the laundry equipment, Continental laundry equipment is easy to use and offers lockout safety features.

Highly Programmable

Advantage Equipment offers highly programmable commercial washers and dryers. Programmed by item type—blankets, linens and personals—the washers automatically combine cleaning chemicals with the right water temperature and levels, mechanical action and g-force. Items are quickly and perfectly cleaned every time. Users just enter a program number, load the washer and press start.


Continental soft-mount E-Series Washers extract more water from every load thanks to extract speeds reaching 387 G-force. Most traditional hard-mount washers only produce extract speeds of 75-200 G-force. Because E-Series Washers remove more water from a load, that load dries up to 40 percent faster—maximizing laundry productivity!