Athletic Facilities

Athletic laundries—large or small–clean a variety of items, from loops and towels to uniforms, sweats, shorts and more. By choosing Continental washer-extractors and drying tumblers, athletic laundries ensure items are consistently and properly cleaned using the right combination of water temperatures and levels, mechanical action and cleaning chemicals. Thanks to Continental highly programmable washers, operators simply select a program, load the washer and press start.

Automatic Chemical Injection

To ensure the right cleaning chemicals and softeners are used at the appropriate water temperature and cycle, Continental washers offer automatic chemical injection capabilities—an essential feature for athletic operations concerned about caring for costly jerseys and uniforms. Automatic chemical injection eliminates the need for adding chemicals manually and chemical overuse and waste. It ensures uniforms aren't damaged, bleached or faded. Typically, automatic chemical injection can result in a significant savings in detergent costs.

Super Efficient

Highly efficient, Continental washers tackle any cleaning job—and in the process—cut utility costs and catapult laundry productivity, ensuring more laundry is completed sooner! Laundry doesn’t pile up. Rather, uniforms and delicate jerseys are properly cleaned and ready for game day.

Programmable Dryers & Linen Life Extension

Continental Dryers are perfectly suited to properly dry athletic laundry, including quick-drying uniforms and spandex. Linen Life Extension, or LLE, ensures items aren’t over dried and damaged. LLE senses the moisture level of a load and automatically shuts the dryer off when the set dryness level is reached! Continental Dryers also offer a control with a no-heat option, plus temperature selections in “High,” “Medium,” “Low” and “Delicates.” All are programmable from 100–190°F.